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The monthly hours for a Program Instructor range from 4 to 24 hours, depending on the team you support and the time of year.

The time commitment for each program is outlined as follows:
pupstart weeknights

Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday
9 classes, 2 hours in length (6:45pm – 8:45pm). Total of 18 hours over 5 weeks.

jumpstart weeknights & club360

Joining the weeknight jumpstart team means that you also become part of the club360 team! One month you will teach only jumpstart classes, then the next month you will teach only club360, then back to jumpstart the following month, club360 the next and so-forth.

Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday
4 classes, 2 hours in length (6:45pm – 8:45pm). Total of 8 hours over 2 weeks every second month.

2 to 4 classes, two hours in length, dates and times selected based on your availability. Total of 4 to 8 hours every second month.

jumpstart weekends

4 classes, 2 hours in length (starting at 8:45am, 10:45am or 12:45pm depending on the season). Total of 8 hours over two weeks every month.

core weeknights and Saturday (April – June & August – November) & club360

Joining the core team means that you also become part of the club360 team! In the months that you do not teach core you will teach club360 classes.

Monday/Wednesday and Saturday at 9am or 11am
Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday at 9am or 11am
25 classes, 2 hours in length (6:45pm – 8:45pm weeknights | 8:45am – 10:45am or 10:45am -12:45pm weekends). Total of 50 hours over 10 weeks.

2 to 4 classes, two hours in length, dates and times selected based on your availability. Total of 4 to 8 hours in off-core months.

core weekday mornings (April – June & August – November) & club360

Joining the core team means that you also become part of the club360 team! In the months that you do not teach core you will teach club360 classes.

25 classes, 2 hours in length (9:15am – 11:15am). Total of 50 hours over 10 weeks.

2 to 4 classes, two hours in length, dates and times selected based on your availability. Total of 4 to 8 hours in off-core months.


2 to 4 classes, two hours in length, dates and times selected based on your availability. Total of 4 to 8 hours every month.

job description

As a Program Instructor you will be directing, influencing and supporting clients, other clevercanines team members, including assistant instructors and volunteers, through the facilitation of programs offered by clevercanines. Being a clear and confident communicator enables you to build trust easily among your clients and other team members. Minimal administrative duties will be required, such as sending and responding to client emails, client reach-outs (via email or phone), team evaluations, team building, and other similar tasks. You will guide clients through new experiences with their dog and provide unconditional support along the way. Confident and passionate, you need to be as comfortable at the end of the leash as you are at the receiving end of questions and concerns. You are the first impression our clients have to clevercanines methods and philosophies, therefore being professional, empathetic, enthusiastic, and having strong listening skills are vital. You will lead, motivate and inspire both clients and your team. You will be responsible for building and strengthening your program team, developing your team’s skills and knowledge, and encouraging company participation in events and initiatives. You may wish to participate in the hiring process specific for your team, as you understand the needs on your team best. Your ideas, skills, and understanding of both client and company needs will allow you to offer continuous ideas for improvement and development within any clevercanines program offering. You are encouraged to participate in brainstorming new business ideas that may be implemented into regular offerings in the future.

Private sessions (home visits for behaviour, support, and/or treadmill instruction) will be optional based on your own interest and your level of training within the clevercanines passport system.

additional responsibilities
coach clients for success by offering feedback, support, and encouragement
deliver curriculum accurately and effectively
demonstrate leadership and be a mentor for both clients and your team
be responsible for the clients and the dogs, the progress of everyone; from assistants, to volunteers
take charge of the class, make final decisions (sometimes doing so quickly), delegate when necessary
follow up with clients, team members, managers, office etc. to ensure commitments made to clients have been seen through to completion
brainstorm solutions with team manager to support clients and/or use clevercanines library resource to search answers
understand what resources clients have access to, and direct them to appropriate tools that can support them in succeeding, example: relaxation protocol, handouts, coupons, etc.
recognize when you may require additional support in your class or with a particular client and ask for it
ensure assistants are meeting their position requirements
report any and all concerns to your team manager (regarding curriculum, team members, clients, safety, etcetera)
document assistants’ progress; prepare and facilitate performance evaluations twice a year
steer team communications to reflect ‘above the line’ conversations and keep the team positive and solutions focused
coach and assist clients, build their handling skills and perfect their techniques
assist clients over and around obstacles
ensure clients have the opportunity to receive instruction by dealing with distracting, challenging or difficult dogs
interact with all clients; be conscious of the 80/20 rule at all times
recognize when clients are becoming frustrated and offer support and/or delegate to Assistant Instructor
ensure assistants and/or volunteers communicate to one client a positive comment, compliment, or feedback at the very end of every class; ensure the rest of the team does the same
know all clients’ and dogs’ names in each class
demonstrate skills in front of the class when required; select appropriate dogs for demonstrations
understand each client’s goals, and revisit them throughout the program to ensure each client is on the right track for being able to achieve each goal
respond to client questions, concerns and comments; researching answers when you are unsure and ensuring responses are communicated back to the client in a timely matter
ensure clients have completed all paperwork and receive all class material
be conscious when working with dogs and clients as to what they have learned to date
coach, mentor, encourage, provide feedback, give direction and support volunteers; debrief after each class
oversee Assistant management of ensuring volunteers’ individual goals have been met
communicate to office any and all important messages and emergencies
attend client pub nights (if applicable)
hand-write thank you cards to each volunteer in your class at the end of each session
hand-write cards to selected clients at the end of each session
participate in client reach-outs by sending emails from the info@ address, or making phone calls from the office
set up/tear down of equipment (if applicable)
take attendance of all employees and submit time sheets bi-weekly
take attendance of clients
be responsible for the overall safety of the group
take charge in an emergency situation
skills and attributes
strong people skills
strong communication skills
professional appearance and demeanour
passion for teaching and sharing
leadership skills
talent to motivate others
customer service driven
strong organizational skills
solid conflict resolution skills
understanding of how to use empathy to motivate, encourage and/or support
ability to communicate clearly and concisely to large groups
confidence with all breeds, ages and behaviours
high level of physical fitness
natural enjoyment of the outdoors in all conditions
positive attitude
open mind
outgoing personality
open to constructive criticism and coaching
time management skills
sales and marketing skills
ability to work independently
responsible and reliable
ability to take initiative
passion for helping people and their dogs achieve a balanced lifestyle
flexibility in work hours
basic computer skills
additional information

The Program Instructor training program will take between three and six months, depending on your time commitment, before you will be approved to instruct a program without a team trainer. The training program includes a combination of class observation, participation in training programs, classroom style learning and mentorship. You must be available for a variety of training shifts prior to being approved to teach your own program.

clevercanines training classes are run year round, mostly on evenings and weekends. We do our best to be flexible with scheduling and our team members help to support flexibility by picking up shifts through our online scheduling system.

Most training classes are run in a variety of outdoor locations. You must have reliable transportation to each location and feel comfortable travelling throughout the city.

A smart phone is required to clock in and out of shifts.

wage and benefits

The salary range for part-time Program Instructor is between $15 and $27, which is paid on a per class basis.. You will receive minimum wage for any approved administration you do outside of class time, as well as minimum wage for all field training shifts, and all mandatory meetings. Becoming part of the clevercanines team also gives you additional perks, such as free training programs, a great discount off dayschool visits, free club360 membership, staff discounts at various retailers, and more.

apply now!
recruiting process
step 1

It’s not only about clevercanines choosing you, it’s also about you choosing us! We believe that finding the right fit goes both ways.

Read all the information found on these recruiting pages, specifically the tabs marked “welcome”, “expectations”, and the position(s) you are interested in applying for. Have a clear understanding of what would be expected of you should you join our team.

We recommend becoming as familiar with our company as you can. From reviewing our website, understanding our core values, philosophy, and programs we offer, social media platforms, etcetera. Again, it’s about you feeling we are a great fit for you.

Identify which position(s) you believe you would be a great fit for.

If you think you would be a great fit for our team, then continue to step two.

step 2

Complete this application form

You will be asked to attach your resume and cover letter in the application form, so be sure you have it ready. The format we prefer is PDF. Please do not send your resume and cover letter separately.

clevercanines will only contact those applicants that have been selected to move to the next step of our recruiting process. If you are selected, we will contact you via the email address provided by you on your application form. All previous steps must be completed prior to being invited to complete the next steps or being invited to the interview.