Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse

Thompson Community Services - Saanich, BC (30+ days ago)

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Location: South Island
Position Reports to: Registered Nurse - Home Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: Brief description of the main purpose of the position and why it exists

Under the direction of the Registered Nurse - Home Manager, the RN/LPN works in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, and performs assessments, plans, implements and provides support in the delivery of compassionate, efficient, and quality nursing care to clients with complex health care needs.

The position operates within the context of a client centered care model and in accordance with the competency guidelines, standards, scope and code of ethics as outlined by the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) or College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC) and the vision and values of Thompson Community Services.

List of the most significant outcomes or end results of the position (not duties) and how they are achieved. Typically a position has 4-6 core end results. For each end result approximately 4-6 major activities are described

1. Provides direct client care and medication/ treatment administration while ensuring client goals are met as per their individual care plan by:
Participating in the planning and coordination of total client care, following the nursing care plan for clients
Providing and maintaining a safe environment for clients and providing an optimal physical and emotional environment while promoting and upholding their safety and health care needs
Assisting clients in their activities of daily living as required and appropriate
Making decisions regarding client management including crisis management as needed
Responding to the client's emergency medical situations in the home or during client transportation
Assisting the Registered Nurse - Home Manager in complex nursing situations

These actions directly impact on the health and safety of the clients, their families and the Home.

2. Assesses and evaluates client care with every client encounter and provides clinical advocacy by:
Implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of the care/service plans and making changes or recommending changes as appropriate
Observing, monitoring, reporting, and documenting changes in the client's physical, mental, and emotional state

The RN/LPN's role in this area impacts on the client's quality of life and their ability to reach their goals.

3. Maintains effective relationships and advocates on the client's behalf by:
Establishing / maintaining a support network for the client
Maintaining / promoting contact with family and other relevant professionals
Representing the client at meetings and advocating on their behalf

This has direct impact on the clients, co-workers, community members and family.

4. Participates in the maintenance of the residential home by:
Ensuring all areas are clean and tidy, and all equipment is clean and maintained in good working order
Performing regular safety checks in the residence/program and on company vehicles
Carrying out housekeeping duties
Participating in routine fire drills and emergency procedures

This ensures a safe and well-maintained environment for clients and staff.

5. Provides recreational support to clients by:
Accompanying clients to recreational events and providing them with coaching and support toward success-oriented learning opportunities and growth, while ensuring their individual circumstances are respected
Using creativity by developing and, if needed, restructuring or modifying the learning environment to best meet the client's needs and ensure their safety

These actions support the inclusion and meaningful contribution of individuals in their community and contribute toward their growth.

List of the most important knowledge factors, as well as the relevant training and education necessary and the type of experience required for the position
Successful completion of a recognized Registered Nursing education program (RNs) or successful completion of a recognized Licensed Practical Nursing Education Program (LPN)
Current valid certification by the Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) or College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC).
Minimum 2 years of recent relevant experience or a combination of related education and experience.
Valid B.C. Driver's License.
Knowledge of nursing care within the scope of a RN/LPN
Knowledge of competency guidelines, standards, scope and code of ethics as outlined by the Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) or College of College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC).
Knowledge of program policies and procedures, schedules, routines and Agency philosophy

LEADERSHIP: This section describes the level of coordination, organization and leadership required to produce the results expected of the position.

The Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse is expected to be confident in their knowledge to assess clinical circumstances and articulate client needs to the team.

While providing nursing care for the clients, the RN/LPN is required to step into, often critical, situations and use their critical thinking and clinical judgment for the betterment of the client.

The RN/LPN is expected to take action, make recommendations and follow up for the sake of improvement of the client's care while using an approach based on the foundational competencies of the CLPNBC scope of practice and standards.

The RN/LPN must be able to step into a nursing leadership role (within the scope of their license) in the absence of the Nurse supervisor.

Description of difficult or challenging situations the position is typically expected to solve and the assistance available.

The incumbent frequently needs to use creative problem-solving skills and common sense in order to address emergency crisis situations by responding to client needs and safety issues in the home and during client transportation.

The incumbent must have the ability to establish rapport with the clients; be able to observe and recognize if client behaviors warrant intervention, or if changes are required in the client's plan of care.

The RN/LPN needs to be able to quickly assess what nursing care is required during difficult, challenging and stressful situations by remaining calm and providing the required care or using their critical judgment to assess when to call for supervisory intervention or consultation, and when to involve other professional supports, or call for more advanced medical assistance.

This section identifies the internal and external contacts / community partners and stakeholders with whom the position has the most influence. The frequency, nature and purpose of contacts will further clarify the position's role in the organization.

Frequent and ongoing contact with the Home Manager for supervisory and nursing support and direction
Ongoing consultation with the Home Care team for consultation

Regular contact with families on behalf of the clients and ensuring they maintain involvement in the client's life
Regular contact as required with health professionals (e.g. Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Health Care Nurse, Dentists, Podiatrists) for the purposes of consultation, problem solving on behalf of the client and taking clients to appointments
Contacts as needed with various organizations and businesses that provide needed services

Describes the degree to which the position impacts organizational results, what is the scope of decision making, and what are the ramifications of the position within the organization.

The RN/LPN is a front-line position and provides direct care to clients playing a major role in clients meeting their goals.

The incumbent's actions, decisions and recommendations affect the way services are provided; therefore, it has direct impact on clients and consequently, on Thompson Community Services.

The position has more freedom to act independently than an RN/LPN in an acute care setting, and can make decisions without hands on supervision, based on their clinical discretion and within the limitations of their license and TCS policies.

The incumbent must use their judgment when, and if, matters must be referred to the supervisor or other professionals.

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