Permanent Part Time Community Support Network Liaison

Semiahmoo House Society - Surrey, BC (13 months ago)

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Issued: August 7, 2019 POSTING No: 19-37E

Applications are invited for: Community Support Network, 15306 24th Avenue, Surrey, BC

Classification: Permanent Part Time – CSN Liaison

Hours: Schedule to be determined (20 hours per week)
Days, evenings and weekends as required by individual/family need

Must have flexible schedule to be available in emergencies

Do not apply if evenings and weekends do not work for you. Many home visits are conducted during evenings and

Start Date: To be determined

For more information, contact: Gale Cooper - CSN Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: As per draft CSN Liaison Job Description

A minimum of a 2-year Community College Diploma directly related to the requirements of the program is
preferred and a suitable combination of education, experience and aptitude will be considered;
A minimum of one-year’s experience working with adults with a developmental disability;
Demonstrated experience in Person and Family Centred Planning;
Ability to build relationships with caregivers/families;
Ability to work independently and as part of a team;
Excellent flexibility, problem solving, decision making and creative thinking skills;
Experience providing behavioral supports;
Well developed planning, organizing, controlling and administrative skills;
Excellent English oral and written communication skills;
Proficient in the use of computer including use of Microsoft Office Suite;
First Aid and CPR Certificate;
Class 5 Drivers License and must have access to own reliable vehicle for daily use
Experience in operationalizing values and principles into high quality supports for individuals in

WAGES: As per collective agreement grid level 10

All applications should submit a resume to

This position is open to both male and female applicants and requires union membership

Classification: CSN Liaison Position: Community Support Network Liaison
Grid Level: 10 Department: Inclusive Living
Manager’s Title: CSN Manager
Date (mm/dd/yy): July 5, 2018

Purpose of the role (broad description of why the role exists)

To deliver quality services within established guidelines and variance that are congruent
with the vision and ends of the organization and that reflect organizational values that
ensure a good quality of life, full citizenship and inclusion.

Generic accountabilities—all employees (As an employee, I am accountable for the following)
Doing my best at all times.
Supporting the Society’s Ends, Philosophy, Values Statement and strategic goals.
Adhering to Society Policies
Working cooperatively with others.
Carrying out assigned work.
Informing my supervisor if progress on tasks is exceeding or is less than what is expected.
Identifying, reporting and supporting recommendations for Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI)
Asking my supervisor to clarify expectations when needed.

Employee’s Accountabilities (As an employee, I am also accountable
for the following)

Delivering prescribed outputs/outcomes so that the quality, quantity

and timelines of task are met.
The result or impact of my behaviour.
Contributing and participating in an effective team capable of

producing required outputs.
Reporting and documentation
Effectively liaising with all relevant stakeholders, community partners,

related professionals and governing agencies.
Following Personal Centered philosophes and practices.
Staying current and informed within my field.
Continually improving my work performance and the services I

Being an effective role model to those I support and to my coworkers.


Specific role accountabilities (These are a breakdown of the purpose of the role into key elements. They should be in enough detail to
provide clarity on what the individual will be called to account for on the role. Accountabilities are not time-bound, or as detailed as goals,
objectives or task lists.)

1. Planning:
Contribute by providing information and suggestions/knowledge to the development/execution of the short term
Program Plan with the direct support of my Manager in connection to Community Support Network Initiatives that will
achieve departmental objectives (based on the Ends of the organization).

Creates the development and implementation of Person Centred Plans.
Participate in the monitoring, revision and evaluations of Person Centred Plans according to policy.
Participate in the planning and organizing of group and individual activities that meet both the needs of individuals and

the program mandate.
Ensures that goals and strategies of Person Centred Plans reflect individual needs, wishes and preferences.

2. Service Delivery:
Implements service delivery that meet the departmental objections based on the Ends of the Organization and the

needs of the individuals supported in Community Support Network in a person centered manner.
Brings to the attention of the department manager any service delivery that does not align with departmental

objections based on the Ends of the Organization and the needs of the individuals supported in Community Support
Network in a person centered manner; recommends action when appropriate.

Assists the department manager in the planning and organizing of services for new program areas to meet individual
needs and choices by providing feedback and information.

Provides guidance and support to home share providers who ensure people being supported have the opportunity to
identify, articulate and follow through on their choices both on a daily and long term basis with respect to relationships,
community involvement, communication, home life and personal care.

Encourages positive participation of parents, sibilings and friends in each of the people supported’s lives.
Collects information for complaints and incidents as they occur, at times facilitating resolutions to conflict and/or

informing manager.
Assists in the facilitation and coordination of the transition of people support to new homes.
Supports the Home Share Provider to develop and facilitate the outcome of a person supported’s ELP/PCP in

conjunction with the person being supported, their families, advocates, professionals. Ensure this document is being
maintained by checking in and reviewing with the Home Share Provider.

Promotes cooperation and communication between individuals being supported, families, support providers,
advocates, volunteers, community partners and professional supports.

Ensures that people supported are actively and respectfully included in planning and achieving of their goals.
Promotes the health, safety and well-being of people supported.
Promotes and supports individual rights and self-determination.
Promotes and enhances personal relationships and support networks; facilitates meaningful involvement of friends and

family and opportunities for the development of personal relationships.
Advocates for inclusion and meaningful contributions by individuals in their communities; facilitate access to community-

based resources, supports and services, promote and contribute to community awareness and community partnerships with
individuals, groups and organizations.

Attends internal or external committee meetings as requested by the Manager
Performs other duties as required.

Inclusion and Meaningful Contributions by Individuals in Their Communities

3. Financial and Asset Management:
Provides information as required by department manager for the production of the program’s budget.
Seeks approvals and advises manager of program expenditures to ensure they remain within the existing budget.

Carries out and ensures care of program`s physical assets:
Usage and maintenance of program resources including physical plant, equipment, inventory, supplies and vehicles
Use assigned resources effectively to meet service recipients’ needs and requirements
Make recommendations to management on resource needs

4. Promote Professional and Organizational Effectiveness and Accountability:

Communicates and participates with team members in a productive manner.
Cooperates with team members to solve problems, resolve conflicts and make decisions.
Fosters a positive working relationship with co-workers, volunteers and other internal and external related


5. Risk Management and Compliance:
Recognizes, reports and responds to potential program emergency situations according to policy.
Takes all necessary actions to ensure compliance with the organizational policies and procedures.
Informs department manager of situations that are of concern or against policy.
Produces and maintains appropriate records and statistics, and ensure all required documentation is accurate and


6. Building the Relationships Necessary to Further the Society’s Vision and Mission:
Collaborates with other service providers and funders to develop and resolve intra-agency and cross agency initiatives

and issues as assigned by my manager;
Develops, supports and sustains external relationships necessary for SHS achieving its vision and mission;
Contributes to a positive reputation of the Inclusive Living department in the community by following policy and role

modeling of professional behavior.
Identifies, develops and maintains community partnerships for employment, education, advocacy and inclusion on

behalf of SHS.

So that…

The Society has Community Support Network Services that achieve the following:

People with disabilities live self-directed lives in the community at a justifiable cost:

1. People are valued members of society:
1.1. People perform different social roles.
1.2. People are respected.
1.3. People live in integrated environments.
1.4. People participate in the life of the community.

2. People decide how they live their lives, and make informed choices:

2.1 People are connected to personal support networks.
2.2 People have intimate relationships.
2.3 People choose where and with whom they live.
2.4 People choose their work

2.4.1 People have paid employment opportunities
2.4.2 People have volunteer opportunities
2.4.3 People have entrepreneurial opportunities.

2.5 People choose and use their environments
2.5.1 People choose services
2.5.2 People have recreational opportunities
2.5.3 People have travel opportunities

2.6 People have educational opportunities
2.7 People have opportunities to explore spiritual needs

3. The rights of people are protected:
3.1 People are safe.
3.2 People have the best possible health.
3.3 People exercise rights.
3.4 People are treated fairly.
3.5 People are free from abuse and neglect.
3.6 People experience continuity and security.
3.7 People decide when to share personal information.
3.8 The community is aware of the universal rights of all people

In a way that…

  • Incorporates best practices
  • Follows the principles and practices of Person Centred Thinking
  • Adheres to the Accountability Based Management Principles
  • Builds trust while demonstrating and reinforcing our Values, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Embraces open and respectful communication and genuine relationships across internal and external stakeholder groups
  • Models behavior that reflects the organizations values and desired culture
  • Supports accountability for one’s actions
  • Brings out the best in people by fostering high performance, innovation, and initiative
  • Shows resourcefulness and creativity at solving problems
  • Promotes a forward-thinking and fun environment that celebrates diversity, team work and learning
  • Take a positive and productive approach to resolving conflicts
  • Supports SHS’s long term vision
  • Makes best use of our resources, processes, and systems
  • Ensures the rights of people as prescribed in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Canadian
Charter of Rights and Freedoms and related legislation

  • Complies with Collective Agreement
  • Complies with all workplace Health and Safety Regulations including WorkSafe BC
  • Complies with contractual obligations to funders
  • Complies with Occupational Standards of Competence for public service employees