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Conestoga College - Doon, ON (30+ days ago)

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Support Staff Temporary Full-time New Initiatives and Opportunities Contract Position

(August 24, 2020 to August 13, 2021)

Interest from external applicants is welcome, however please note that current full-time Support Staff employees will be given first consideration.

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves around the world and in our local community, Conestoga College continues to adjust plans based on the guidance provided by our local Public Health authority. Considering these unprecedented circumstances, final hiring decisions remain contingent upon confirmed enrolment numbers and the evolving work environment. Conestoga College will take appropriate measures to protect the safety and well-being of our College community and prospective candidates throughout the recruitment and selection process, including the scheduling of remote interviews.

Limited time funding has been approved for Hospitality (Skills Advance Ontario), Long-Term Care Residence Assistant (Skills Advance Ontario), and Manufacturing Quality Micro-credential (Rapid Skills). The Support Services Officer assist multi- barriered, unemployed, and underemployed workers to explore, access, and retain employment specific to these Ministry funded projects. The incumbent will initiate, develop, and secure direct employment opportunities, meaningful work experience, and training placements for clients.


Develops a tailored client Employment Service Plan using a customer-centric and collaborative approach which is monitored and outcomes managed
Interviews assesses, and guides the student to explore career, employment, and training goals; directs them to the most appropriate services to achieve successful outcomes
Works with students to identify activities, incentives, and supports to achieve desired outcomes
Ensures continued support in accessing required services and programs, i.e. literacy, settlement services, and services that support client employability and resolves potential stability issues; maintains ongoing work relationships with all parties involved
Problem-solves and advocates on behalf of students to access relevant community resources
Identifies client’s need for support pre-placement, during placement and post-placement; develops support plan and linkages with an employer outlining steps and objectives; monitors client/employer relationship and adjusts the plan accordingly to ensure success
Reviews and discusses employability evaluations from the employer to evaluate the outcome of the experience and advises of other options as necessary


Confirms eligibility assesses workplace capacity and evaluates commitment to participate in funded programs, on-the-job experiences, and hiring of identified clients
Supports the development of opportunities for participants seeking training/work experience under the guidelines of the Ministry funded projects
Communicates, documents, and supports work placement contracts, training objectives, commitments, and financial incentives for each client/employer connection
Provides referrals to sensitivity/diversity training, workplace safety, and accommodation needs
Responds immediately to clients and employers in crisis situations demonstrating effective problem-solving and listening skills; facilitates access to qualified professionals or organizes case conferences as necessary


Records and reports confidential information, in an accurate, complete, and timely manner including:

Documentation for funder and College data collection purposes using CaMS database
Up-to-date client records and files in accordance with funded program guidelines and departmental procedures, including client and employer contact documentation, subsidy information and rationales, training agreements, Employment Service Plans with rationale and progress notes
Ensures all appropriate forms are signed by the employer and the client showing evidence of client ownership, eligibility, and consent to service (i.e. sign-off, record of discussions, use of confidentiality forms and assessment tools).
Weekly activity reports on client progress, client intake, and placement activity
Up-to-date employer records and employer files; referral forms for other agencies or services

Marketing, Community Involvement & Partnerships

Markets the programs listed under the Ministry funding to business, industry, community organizations and various business associations
Organizes and participates in the community activities such as job fairs, trade shows, and employer networking opportunities to develop, maintain and enhance relationships with industry, business, and other community employment/ training providers
Meets with company staff, networking and using targeted marketing/outreach strategies to create and maintain effective relationships with the employer community, coordinating with other programs in the community where appropriate

Other Related Duties

Pre-screens customers to determine eligibility service requirements
Researches and assesses the merits of new resources/materials to support program goals
Maintains up-to-date labour market information
Assembles material, audio/visual aids, and information for delivery of group and 1:1 sessions

Three-year Diploma/Degree in Social Sciences or Business Administration related discipline
A minimum of two years of experience in an Employment Ontario/Employment Services role or in a human resource/recruitment support role
Career Development Practitioner certificate is considered an asset
Excellent communications, assessment, and interviewing skills
Ability to work as part of a team and independently
Awareness of other programs and services in the community
Flexibility to work objectively with a marginalized or career disadvantaged audience
Empathy, tact, patience, forthrightness and a sincere desire to help the customer
Good problem-solving skills
High level of time management and organizational skills, ability to multi-task
Must be able to travel locally between campuses or to employer locations

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