Production Maintenance Coordinator

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Production Maintenance Coordinator

Production is the result of the partnership between Operations and Maintenance. Operations provides process reliability and Maintenance provides equipment availability. The Production Maintenance Coordinator manages the partnership between Operations and Maintenance. This position reports to the production manager.

Champions the Work Flow process for their department

  • Reviews and completes work notifications
  • Sets the priority for work order planning back log
  • Works with planners and engineering to set material and component specifications
  • Sets the priority for the execution of ready work on a weekly basis
  • Develops weekly maintenance schedule in close cooperation with operations
  • Leads the daily maintenance update meetings
  • Monitors work back log

Leads equipment availability improvement for the department

  • Administer the UPTIME lost opportunity tracking system
  • Participate in investigations (and other activities) and make suggestions to eliminate chronic equipment failures in cooperation with the Engineering group
  • Improve and expand the predictive maintenance activities in the department in cooperation with the reliability group

Coordinates the major and minor Turn Arounds for the department

  • Generate and update resource loaded schedules for department wide and area outages with a planned duration of 24 hours or longer in cooperation with Operations
  • Participate in scope challenge and definition exercises
  • Improve the use of repetitive work orders for inspection, maintenance and repair activities
  • Develop the use of Task Lists for operational work orders during scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Gather suggestions for continual improvement opportunities before, during and after scheduled and unscheduled outages


  • Regular work flow back log report
  • Daily maintenance update report
  • Weekly maintenance schedule
  • Fortnightly UPTIME summary and report
  • Equipment related Root Cause Analysis reports

The manufacture of high quality, low cost Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft pulp is a fast-paced, dynamic business. All members of the Mackenzie Pulp team are expected to take on extra duties as conditions dictate. This position will evolve as Mackenzie Pulp grows and improves.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Manufacturing: 3 years (Preferred)