Netezza/DB2 Database Analyst

Maverin Business Services Inc. - Ottawa, ON (29 days ago)

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The Database Administrator(s) may be required to perform tasks that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Define new Database structures and schemas;
  • Define data conversion strategies;
  • Define database conversion specifications;
  • Customize data base conversion routines;
  • Finalize conversion strategies;
  • Generate new databases with the client;
  • Assist the PA/TA with the users in order to maintain and safeguard the database;
  • Identify requirements for improvements to existing databases by determining users' information requirements and system performance and functional requirements;
  • Maintain data dictionaries;
  • Develop and implement procedures that will ensure the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of data stored in the database;
  • Mediates and resolves conflicts among users' needs for data;
  • Develop and implement security procedures for the database, including access and user account management;
  • Advise programmers, analysts, and users about the efficient use of data;
  • Maintain configuration control of the database;
  • Perform and/or coordinate updates to the database design;
  • Control and coordinate changes to the database, including the deletion of records, changes to the existing records, and additions to the database;
  • Develop and coordinate back-up, disaster recovery and virus protection procedures;
  • Work on database design activities, specifically the physical design used to implement the data warehouse or data marts;
  • Perform and/or coordinate updates to the database design;
  • Monitor and do performance tuning of the logical Database Management System (DBMS) in a data warehouse environment;
  • Full performance and tuning from an application perspective where responsible for object’s / item’s full administration;
  • Troubleshoot database issues; Performance tuning for a reporting environment;
  • Capacity planning and analysis and communicating anticipated disk capacity upgrades to IT staff; identify total space required for tablespaces per project or release;
  • Administrate non-system Netezza and DB2 tables;
  • Assist the Database Administrators (DBAs) with BI/DW database performance and design related issues;
  • Provide support to develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse Model; including logical model integration of data from multiple subject areas;
  • Advise programmers, analysts, and users about the efficient use of data;
  • Create new or modify physical database design
  • Create new or modify user views
  • Create new or modify Control-M schedules
  • Develop database scripts, triggers, and stored procedures.
  • Identify and gather system performance requirements in regards to database memory usage, I/O usage, objects, users, and data lad times
  • Administrate XML objects
  • Administrate Binary Large objects (BLOBS)
  • Administer Character Large objects (CLOBS
  • Use XPATH syntax language to understand and the defining parts of an XML document
  • Use XQUERY language to query XML data
  • Work within the Service Lifecycle Management Framework.

Job Type: Contract


  • Secret Security Clearance (Required)