Awake Overnight Residential Worker

Pathway Community Services LTD. - Vancouver, BC (22 months ago)

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To assist with the day-to-day operations of the residence as well as the implementation of the individual plan of care. To provide a safe, structured, educational and developmentally appropriate home environment that promotes a sense of well-being, self-confidence, belonging and independence for the individual. Collaborates with the individual, their families and other professionals to pro-actively promote opportunities for inclusion in both the community and the individual’s home life.

The role includes the requirement to work in a stressful environment often supporting individuals in crisis situations. Managing emergency situations is an ongoing expectation. Evening and weekend work is required.

It is expected that all staff will demonstrate knowledge of, and follow the policies and procedures of Pathway Community Services Ltd.


1. Individual Care

Provide assistance to the individual with:
development of their sense of independence
building life skills
full inclusion in the greater community
introduction into the workplace (where appropriate)
development and evaluation of all goals and objectives in collaboration with the greater team

Assist in the implementation of the individual’s care plan

To provide the individuals with a wide variety of opportunities and support strategies designed to promote personal growth and development and skill acquisition.

To conduct appropriate safety/risk analysis with the individual and their network when appropriate.

Plan and provide service delivery to individuals including implementation of recreational, social, educational and job activities, designed to meet the developmental and intellectual needs of the individuals.

Create a comfortable and enjoyable environment

Monitor individual’s progress, and provide support, as well as discuss any issues with the individual and his/her support team.

Provide input on the individual’s skills, strengths and needs, and to provide input for evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment programs by monitoring individual’s behavioural changes and responses to interventions.

Supports the individual in the learning of daily life skills (as appropriate) such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up after themselves, etc
May need to provide direct or “hand over” support in some areas of daily living.
Assists with keeping individual’s personal inventory current

Maintain awareness of any problems (medical, behavioural or other) experienced by the individual and then to inform the direct Supervisor
Assist with preparation of individual for outings, including weekend trips home where travel, clothing and medical supplies need to be planned and organized. May be required to transport and accompany individuals to various appointments, by public or private transport

Depending on the special needs of the individual served by the program, may participate in day programs/summer day program with the individual

Act as a liaison with the community and promote/encourage community involvement.
Continuously provide the individuals with a variety of community participation options in order to promote meaningful choices and valued community participation
Establish a rapport with the community and community agencies.
Act as an appropriate role model for the individuals while they are participating in community activities.
To communicate with the individuals in their chosen communication styles. This includes daily schedules, work routines, and support strategies.
Strongly advocate for individuals in care when they are not able to do so themselves.

2. Home Operations

Follow protocols and procedures outlined in the individuals’ care plans, and Health Care Plans. This includes, but is not limited to all reference to seizure support, allergies, lifting and transferring, etc.

Demonstrate knowledge of, and follows through with emergency protocols.

Conduct monthly emergency drills

Ensure that the house is always clean and tidy for individual’s, staff and other visitors, meeting all community standards

Assist with preparation of all meals and menu planning for individuals using Canada’s Food Guide as a reference

Be responsible for maintenance, safety and repair of the residence.

Ensure that the direct Supervisor is advised of any relevant developments that affect the individual or the home

3. Medication

Administer medication to individuals as per policy and procedures manual and doctor’s orders.
Ensure that all medication documentation and protocols are observed.
Ensure the safe storage of all medication, as per house protocols

4. Reporting

Maintain accurate reports and records on all individuals.
Maintain accurate documentation pertinent to the home
Ensure that all required documentation is completed at the end of each shift pattern
Report and discusses case planning and concerns with the Primary Caregiver.

5. Communication

Maintains relationships and ongoing open dialog with all team members, individuals and their immediate networks, PCSL management, and members of the community.
Adheres to professional standards and observes PCSL’s Code of Conduct when communicating with individuals, co-workers, and other professionals
Seeks and accepts feedback and direction from his/her supervisor in a positive manner

6. Other

Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the direct Supervisor/ Manager
If working a 24 hour shift, to be available and willing to adjust and actively be involved in the support needs of the individuals in the residence.


1. Education & Background

1-3 years previous work in a similar environment
Certificate and/or degree in the Social Services or related field an asset
Experience in application and understanding of behavioural support plans

2. Skills

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Time management and general organizational skills
Ability to work with others
Ability to work independently
Insight into individual’s needs and specific challenges
Class 5 driver’s license preferred
Experience with phase escalation cycles
Experience accessing community resources
Experience in collaboratively working with a wide collateral service net
Ability to consistently follow and implement all plans of care
Ability to be a strong advocate
Work collaboratively with all members of the team and wrap around services

3. Personal Traits

Self Motivation / Initiative / Self directed
Analytical in Thinking (Diagnostic in approach)
Team Player
Kind, Insightful
Commitment and good work ethic

Wages: $17.50 per hour