Architect / Tech Lead – Java Developer

Askida - Montréal, QC (19 months ago)

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Position : Architect / Tech Lead – Java Developer
Location : Montreal (downtown), near Place des Arts Metro
Salary : According to experience

If you’re passionate, driven and find yourself seeking interesting work, new challenges and continuous learning opportunities, then we want you to join our team.

We are looking for a new teammate to join as Senior Developer. You’ll be among the first developers of the new IoT Teams dedicated to solving some of the biggest challenges of our time: how to save energy, space, time and effort to make building owners and managers operate the most efficient, sustainable and socially responsible buildings in the world.

You will be at the forefront of leading-edge technologies, from connected sensors to artificial intelligence through new cellular networks and innovative cloud applications. You will design and deliver all the required systems to make buildings more efficient and enjoyable. More importantly you will build and develop a development team we want the best of its kind.

The Challenge

We believe decisions are easy to take when we have the right data. Building managers have many applications to look at but most of them don’t rely on the appropriate dataset. Let’s fix that.

We are setting up a new IoT Solution Team dedicated to Smart Building. Build a data platform able to connect and communicate with thousands of sensors in real-time, using the latest network technologies like LTE-M or NB-IOT. Capture, process, sort, store millions of records and datapoints to make them available to application developers through standard interfaces like APIs/Web Services. Enrich the data platform with additional datapoints, alerts, reports, KPIs and metrics. Extend the platform with built-in AI, Big Data connectors, rules engines or monetization and deliver the best data platform to feed the best building management applications in the world.

Although many tools and technologies are not yet selected as you’ll have the opportunity to work on a software product since its inception, we value open technologies and open source stacks. We value iterative work and customer feedback to maximize learning and deliver what the customer really needs.


Participate in the backlog refinement process. Bring your experience and skillsets to solve the problems brought up by the product team.
Own completely your work: design, implement, validate, deliver and monitor your software to ensure our solution’s success.
As a Senior Developer, lead by example and share your experience and expertise with your teammates. Define and apply the best dev practices.
Actively participate in team retrospectives. Ensure the team is delivering its best in a sustainable way.

What we are looking for

Bachelor or Master’s degree in software/computer engineering
10+ years of experience in Software Engineering
Proactivity, curious mindset, ability to work with minimal supervision.
Ability to demonstrate technical expertise and to share it with others.
Experience in an Agile/Scrum environment.
Expertise and ability to share experience with various dev practices like CI/CD, DevOps, TDD, Automation, coding conventions etc.
Strong Experience with as-a-service applications, APIs, web services, microservices.
Problem solver, execution discipline