Debug Technician

Renaissance Repair and Supply - Kanata, ON (24 months ago)

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The successful candidate will perform debug on procedures on various types of telecommunication equipment with or without documentation and schematics.

Duties Will Include:
  • Adept at trouble shooting, debug and repair of sub-standard assemblies with limited documentation at the card or FRU (field replaceable unit level) on component level.
Have a strong knowledge basis of managing and debugging to the chip level, an least one of the following Nortel or other OEM platform types on:

  • Optical – strong basis of microwave RF and optical theory and its application.
  • Central Office Switching (Voice, Media, and Signaling gateways) and grasp of IP/ATM/FR protocols.
  • Nortel DMS core and series I, II, and III peripherals that include (CM, MS, ENET, LTC, DTC, LCM, TM, SPM, SDM, LIM, LIS).
  • Nortel based MG9000 media gateways cards (control, DS1, BITS, POTS) to the chip level including Utopia, Latice, and Xylinx chip sets and architectures.
  • Knowledge of hi-level software and low-level (firmware) and how it applies to logic circuits and shared peripherals.
  • Knowledge of JTAG and BDM (Background Debug Mode interface for embedded systems) and how it applies to logic circuits for programming and debugging.
  • Knowledge of analog and digital electronics, microprocessors, controllers, PIC controllers, CPLDs, FPGAs and its implementation.
Qualifications:Formal Education and Training:
  • Electronic Engineering Technologist Diploma or
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Electronic Engineering, Telecom).
  • 4-5 years relevant work experience with electronic assembly and design exposure within the telecom industry.
Other Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to interpret schematic drawings and production documents.
  • Contribute to the development of process and procedural documents.
  • Ability to relate well with others in a team based environment.
  • Health and Safety conscious.
  • Knowledge of function and application of various related test equipment.
  • Autonomous self starter.