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Muskowekwan Family Healing & Wellness Centre Inc. - Lestock, SK (30+ days ago)

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Muskowekwan Family Healing & Wellness Centre Seeking Executive Director


Rooted in the Cultural Responsiveness Framework (CRF), the Muskowekwan Family Healing & Wellness Centre will support First Nation families and communities in the territory and beyond in addressing the systemic and long-term effects of historical trauma as a direct result of the residential schooling system and the Sixties Scoop in Canada.

The Muskowekwan Family Healing and Wellness Centre is owned, built and designed by Muskowekwan First Nation for First Nation families in Saskatchewan. The Muskowekwan Family Healing and Wellness Centre and its model of care will be specifically designed to focus on healing families, not just the individual, to serve the intergenerational mental health needs and improve mental wellness in the region. At the forefront of the healing journey will be cultural and traditional supports and programs, as well as health, wellness and mental wellness programs.

The Centre will accommodate families in-residence for an extended time for improved patient-and-family centered outcomes. Treatment will be focused around the clients' quality of life, including trauma informed care, wrap around supports and a combination of programming comprised of multidisciplinary practitioners and integrated programs and services. The model of care will be inclusive of culturally responsive supports such as talking/sharing circles, ceremonies, traditional medicines, Elders and traditional supports. There will be ceremonial spaces designed that are inclusive of traditional healing practices and medicines, as well as traditional foods and cooking. Elders will be one of the first levels of support alongside the intake assessment process.

This Centre is currently in the development stage, with model of care, business planning and facility design getting underway. Recently, this project was selected as one of 24 projects (out of 342 applicants) from across Canada to participate in the Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative, accommodated with planning and capital funding, sponsored by Indigenous Services Canada, Infrastructure Canada and the Privy Council Office’s Impact and Innovation Unit.

Executive Director Role:

We are looking for an Executive Director to come in at the ground floor of planning and establishment of operations, working collaboratively with an established project team of business and architectural advisors. Reporting to the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization established to develop and operate the Centre, you will leverage your background and expertise in delivering and managing individual and family-based counseling and healing programs and services to bring a “practitioner lens” to the team, including your ability to adopt cultural practices and approaches effectively alongside clinical approaches. The desire is to have the Executive Director take a leadership role in developing the model of care, staffing and establishing operations, working towards the opening of the Centre targeted for 2021.

Responsibilities Summary:

Over the next year, the Executive Director will be responsible for:

  • Working with the project team to further develop the model of care, facility design and business and funding plan, in collaboration with surrounding communities and program stakeholders.
  • Building detailed programming and processes for intake and assessment; integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual programming and supports through a culturally responsive approach; client healing journey mapping; definition of various healing approaches (i.e. family vs individual, private vs group, land-based vs facility-based); development of programming schedule; etc.
  • Further development of staffing model comprised of core staff, visiting professionals and practitioners, cultural and community supports, and other existing supporting service provider organizations.
  • Establishing relationships with key funding stakeholders and potential partners, including Indigenous Services Canada, Touchwood Child & Family Services, Touchwood Agency Tribal Council, the four Touchwood First Nations and their Health Directors, applicable Government of Saskatchewan ministries, and other related stakeholder organizations.
  • Supporting the project team and the Board to seek capital and operating funding to support the successful build and operations of the Centre.
  • Hire and train initial core staff prior to launch of operations.

Post-launch, the Executive Director will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the Centre, in accordance with the direction of the Board and in accordance with secured partnership and funding agreements. He or she will manage programming, personnel and financial resources to ensure the delivery of quality healing and care for the resident families in a comfortable and culturally responsive environment. As a start-up, the Executive Director may be involved in delivering programming alongside their staff, to support continually improving and evolving this new model of care to ensure improved mental health and wellness outcomes for First Nation families requiring a sustainable healing journey.


As the ideal candidate, you think outside of the box and bring a fresh perspective to exploring and adopting new approaches to healing and wellness to result in better outcomes. You are a motivated, responsible individual who possesses a strong combination of many of the following qualifications and competencies, and perhaps share the life experience of the struggles First Nation individuals and families face resulting in your passion for seeking a better care model.

  • Experience leading or working with a team of care professionals and staff.
  • Experience in providing quality care and improving wellness of First Nation individuals and families, particularly related to mental health, trauma and addictions support.
  • Knowledge of the impacts of attending residential school and treatment options to address historical trauma.
  • Knowledge of addictions, bio‐psycho‐social‐spiritual influences and effects of dependencies and the range of treatment options.
  • Knowledge of the impacts of abuse and childhood trauma and the range of treatment options to address symptoms of post‐traumatic stress.
  • Experience in developing programming, services and workshops to support meeting the needs and improving quality of life for clients.
  • Knowledge and respect for First Nation culture, values and beliefs.
  • Background and passion in integrating culturally responsive and traditional First Nation healing approaches with Western medical practices.
  • Comfort in dealing with a wide variety of community stakeholders, including Elders, Knowledge Keepers, First Nation community members and organizations, etc.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively with other agencies and key stakeholders to achieve common goals.
  • Strong crisis management skills, with ability to function in times of high pressure and/or stress.
  • Ability to understand Indigenous culture and values.
  • Ability to speak Indigenous language(s) is considered an asset but not a requirement.
  • Possess a degree in psychology, psychiatric nursing or social work.
  • Preference to have an Indigenous person in role, but open to all candidates that have the right qualifications and experience.

This is an opportunity to change the model for healing and make a difference for First Nation families across Canada, starting in Saskatchewan.

Position Type & Salary:

This position will be a full-time contract position for a one year period, with strong opportunity to extend for another year or transition into full-time employment as full operations are defined and established. A competitive salary will be offered and is negotiable based on experience.

Start Date & Location:

The intent is to have the Executive Director start as soon as possible. Initially the Executive Director will work remotely during the development phase until a facility is ready.

Submission Requirements & Deadline:

Please provide a cover letter and resume to apply for this position on or before June 15, 2020. McNair Business Development Inc. is supporting the Board of Directors to facilitate this recruitment process.

Expected start date: 2020-07-06

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Work remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19