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Overnight Support Nurse

Position Summary:
The Overnight Support Registered Nurse (RN) will practice in accordance with legislation and the standards as determined by their regulatory body and the practice setting. This is not an on call position. The RN will have the knowledge to asses, select, implement and evaluate a wide range of nursing interventions to ensure consistent, safe, competent and ethical care. Client groups receiving care may include Pediatrics and/or Adults with complex medical/health concerns. Care will take place within the community within a residential or institutional setting with referrals generated by a variety of sources including government agencies, employers, insurance companies or private payees.

Responsibilities: Nurse will work in office unless required to attend an urgent client need. Tasks shall include palliative support, pronouncement and family support, IV support, urgent client needs, quality review of client charts, paperwork and nursing supply support, educational research and any other tasks deemed appropriate by CSM. A reporting of the nightly tasks is required for consistent communication and ensures continuity of care.

Client Care

Obtain informed consent prior to and throughout service provision

Assessing comprehensively and holistically (initially and ongoing)

Use appropriate assessment tools and techniques in consultation with clients and the health care team to assess clients regarding physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, cognitive, developmental, environmental and social needs

Engage client using a collaborative approach, building rapport and trust, achieving a mutual understanding and agreement to identify actual and potential client health care needs, strengths, capacities and goals

Documenting according to provincial documentation standards of practice and ParaMed P&P. (written and/or electronic)

Discharge client when goals have been achieved

Teaching and educating

Teaching clients safe use of equipment, technology and treatments

Information management

Completing and timely submission of required reports

Providing Schedules for availability

Documenting time and travel

Using technology for communication and clinical documentation

Supervision and Mentoring

Teaching complex tasks or delegated acts

Mentoring peers ad preceptorship (students and new ParaMed Employees)

Client Safety

Caring for clients and families within legislation, standards, policies & procedures

Using and conducting ongoing assessments for appropriate and safe equipment, protective devices and/or clothing Reporting to the supervisor any contravention of the legislation, standards, or policies & procedures, … e.g. defective equipment or hazards in the work environment, client falls, incidents, near missies, errors etc.

Be aware of the consequences of breaches of all client and staff safety related policies and procedures; e.g. violations are subject to progressive discipline up to and including dismissal

Professional Standards of Practice

Demonstration and application of provincial professional standards of practice

Update and maintain the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to provide safe, efficient, effective care in all areas of practice

Keep abreast of changes in practice setting that affect scope of practice

Occupational Health and Safety

Carry out all assigned duties in compliance with applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation and Company policy.

Follow safe work practices as directed by their supervisor and as required by the applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Participate in all required occupational health and safety training.

Use appropriate equipment and wear personal protective equipment or clothing, as required by Extendicare/ParaMed.

Report any known or identified health and safety hazards or violations to their supervisor.

Refrain from any conduct that puts themselves, workers, contractors or others at risk.

Privacy Accountabilities

Respects and preserves the privacy, confidentiality and security of health care and employee information at all times. Violations of this statement include, but are not limited to:

Accessing confidential information that is not within the scope of the individuals duties

Misusing, disclosing without proper authorization, or altering confidential information

Disclosing to another person the unique username or password for accessing electronic confidential health care information

Using another person’s username or password to access information

Discussing confidential information in a public area

Leaving confidential health care or employee information in public areas

Disposing of confidential information inappropriately

Extendicare’s Code of Business Conduct and Standards of Employee Conduct policies are to be adhered to by the employee groups they apply to at all times.

Current registration/licensing and in good standing with Provincial Regularity Body

Preferably has minimum of 2 years’ experience as a practicing Nurse ideally in a community setting

C.N.A certification as a Community Health Nurse is an asset

Working knowledge of applicable legislation including Mental Health Act, Substitute Decisions Act, Healthcare Consent Act, Privacy/Personal Health Information Act and other

Superior oral and written communication skills to effectively interact with clients and families

Effective skills in critical thinking and problem solving

Knowledge of applicable community resources available for clients and families

Application Process:
Send your resume or notify your interest to:
Natasha Nigro, Regional Recruitment Specialist


Fax Number:

519-439-2222 Ext. 3624

Deadline for Internal Applications:
Ongoing posting until the position is filled

  • In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and ParaMed Policies on Accommodation, a request for accommodation will be accepted as part of ParaMed hiring process.*